We are two podcasters who are deeply interested in the topic of decision making and thinking. We also happen to both be trained teachers and analysts who are passionate about learning – and just generally curious about lots of things!

Ken Smith has managed and mentored people in different roles for thirty years and he is most energised when helping other people to learn and grow.

Ken’s spirit of curiosity and adventure has led him to; study broadly (studying several languages and gaining tertiary qualifications in science, theology, education, international relations and leadership/management), travel widely (he has lived on five continents) and work a range of jobs (high school teacher, pastor, marriage celebrant, analyst and even as an Australian foreign diplomat).

Ken is passionate about passing on the message that, if we learn to think more carefully in support of our judgements and decisions, we will establish a critical foundation stone for a happy and successful life.

Tessa Mudge is a long term learner, energised by teaching, leading and mentoring. Tessa’s first foray into podcasting was in 2009 with The Melbourne Derivé as part of an Honours thesis about how podcasting was going to be the next big thing.

Tessa’s education journey includes Journalism, Strategy and Security, Marriage Celebrancy and Teaching. She has always sought out learning, leadership and management opportunities in all her roles, whether it be as the editor of street press (X magazine), teaching in a highschool or representing the Australian government overseas.

Tessa is passionate about pedagogy: teaching and learning is the basis of success in both your professional and personal life.


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