This is part 2 of a mini-series of three episodes in which we chat with Australian neuroscientist Dr Mark Williams. Dr Mark explains how mirror neurons work, and how essential they are, scientists actually think this is how babies learn to talk! So when speaking to your baby, face them so they can see how your lips move.

Every time we get distracted we ‘task switch’, there’s really no such thing as multitasking. Every time you check a notification on your phone you lose time having to go back and refocus on your previous task. Even the ding is enough to get you to task switch, you don’t even have to check it! So turn off those notifications so you can stop being busy and start getting things done.

Like to know more about Dr Mark? Visit Dr Mark’s website – where you can pre-order his book ‘The Connected Species’. And make sure you tune in for episode 3 of this fascinating discussion

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