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In this episode, we explore the problem of analysis paralysis – where we overthink things and get stuck at the point of decision: and we see how it manifested in one famous Australian politician. We also look at how intuition, when used correctly, can be a great support to our decision making.


  • Intuition = the way we translate our experience into action (Gary Klein)
  • Intuition can help us, when we are leaning on our areas of expertise – and on the expertise of others!
  • Don’t let your self-confidence be undermined by confident people who know less than you do
  • If you’re building expertise, it might change the way you make decisions in the future – still use a systematic approach when you have time and when you lack expertise, but in pressure situations your experience can inform your intuition and help you to make quick decisions


If you enjoyed this podcast, check out our blog post on intuition – https://goodbetterright.com.au/blinking-or-thinking/ 

To learn more about Gary Klein’s work, visit https://www.gary-klein.com/

Paul Kelly book ‘Triumph and Demise’, in which he describes the challenges Kevin Rudd faced, can be found here


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Next episode we’ll talk about those times when it pays to think things through more deeply and some of the pitfalls of relying on your (or others) non-expert intuition!

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