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In this episode, we look at when it pays to think things through more deeply and some of the pitfalls of relying on your (or others’) non-expert intuition. We explore the Dunning-Kruger Effect and other theories about overestimating and underestimating our ability.


➢ Beginners (or the incompetent) tend to overestimate their ability and experts tend to underestimate their abilty

➢ This effect can also be seen in culture and gender, being aware of this can help you better support friends and co-workers

➢ We all fail to accurately assess our own ability at some point

➢ Engage in metacognition, assess your own competence and experience critically and seek expert feedback

➢ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!


The Dunning-Kruger Effect is based on multiple peer-reviewed studies, it is also explained by Vox and it’s all over the internet, including some critiques.

The difference between mae and female self evaluation is summarised by the ABC and ‘Male Hubris and Female Humility?…’ is a study by psychologist Adrian Furnham.

We didn’t have time to unpack the closely related ideas of optimism bias and superiority illusion, for a good breakdown, explore the links.


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Next episode we’ll talk about ‘tree felling’ or the reasons why we might want to stick to our big decisions!

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