How to Choose –  SHOW NOTES

Season 2, Episode 9 : The Athlete

Tessa Mudge & Ken Smith


In Season 2 of How to Choose, we interview guests who work in a range of different professions to see what they can teach us about decision making in their specific work contexts – and about how they first chose to enter their profession.

In this episode we chat to former British Open squash champion, Anthony Ricketts, to learn about what decision making looked like for him as a professional athlete. We discuss the early decisions that set him on the pathway to success, the challenges of dealing with serious injuries, and the choices he faced as he tried to find a career after squash.


Surrounding yourself with colleagues or mentors who are more skilful or experienced than you are is critical if you want to improve.

And having a clear focus and a degree of single-mindedness is a key attribute if you want to reach ‘elite levels’ in your profession.


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