How to Choose –  SHOW NOTES

Season 2, Episode 3 : The Entrepreneur

Tessa Mudge & Ken Smith


In this episode we interview entrepreneur Alex Leech to understand more about how he turned his coffee addiction into a thriving business.


Choice can be an evolution, it’s not always a clear crossroads, but can be incremental. When creating a business it may be helpful to take a hedge pruning approach (see Season 1 Episode 4) and allow for a natural path of growth and expansion.

Passion is essential in something as hard as starting a business. Extrinsic motivation will only take you so far, to make work seem less like work, do something that you are intrinsically motivated by.

Knowing when to stop is sometimes a harder decision than whether to start. Opportunity cost should always be considered, as not making a decision is actually deciding to stay, see our Stay or Go episode for more on this. Alex Leech has a great moment of self-reflection when he talks about how he decided it was time to sell his business.


If you’re enjoying the show and finding it useful, share something you’ve learned with a friend. You’ll reinforce that learning for yourself, your friend will learn something, and we’ll benefit by new people finding our show. It’s win, win, win!


Tune in for our next episode as we chat with Member for Wentworth Allegra Spender MP. She is the third generation of her family to sit in federal parliament, after her father and grandfather. Spender ran on a platform of action on climate change, political integrity, and gender equality. She has some excellent insights into choosing the right role for your skills and values and reflects on her journey into politics as an independent.

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