How to Choose –  SHOW NOTES

Season 1, Episode 10 : When the ‘right’ way is just a ‘good’ way

Tessa Mudge & Ken Smith


In this episode we explore the implications of defaulting to a ‘right-wrong’ evaluation of decisions and choices. Time to stop and think – ‘Is your way of doing things the right way, or is it actually just one of many good ways?’


  • It’s easy to fall into the trap of judgmentalism. We find a good way of doing something, then look around and decide that our way is better than the way other people do it. It’s a short step from there to start thinking our way is the right way – and by implication, that other people’s approach is wrong
  • Not everyone wants to optimise (so spare them your judgment!)
  • Non-negotiables and absolute language have a place when making judgments and decisions, but apply them sparingly.


Do you struggle with judgmentalism? You’ll find some more useful tips to deal with this problem in this article from Psychology Today.


  • Are you judging others unnecessarily? Watch your language this week! Listen to how often you use absolute ‘right-wrong’ terms when you’re describing other people’s decisions. 
  • Are you confounded by a decision because you’re trying to find the right choice? Instead, could you focus on finding a ‘good’ option or the ‘better’ of two or three options?
  • Like to get some advice with a tough decision? Drop us a line at [email protected] 


This is the last episode for Season 1. We’re going to take a short break, but we’ll be back in September 2022 with Season 2, in which we’ll be looking at decisions in the workplace and talking with a bunch of guests with different jobs to understand how they approach decision making!

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